Pro Bono and State Guaranteed Aid

The publication Legal Services: Pro Bono and State Guaranteed Aid is published at a time when there are simultaneous discussions on the advantages of developing a pro bono legal culture in cooperation with law fi rms and legal NGOs, and on the adoption of state guaranteed legal aid. There are differing opinions on these issues in Czech legal society and they are discussed in a growing number of publications, expert articles and proceedings from round tables. Opinions also differ between lawyers in different states, depending on the development of the society, the traditions of each particular country, and the experience drawn from their respective legal histories and values. The aim of this collection of selected contributions from the years 2005—2008 is not to deepen the polemic against the inclusion of NGOs and other groups into state guaranteed legal aid; such debate has already been conducted in discussions for the draft of the law on state guaranteed aid; the aim of this collection is just simply to inspire. Based on League of Human Rights (LIGA) experience it is benefi cial to evaluate the success of foreign legal institutes and institutions and to transfer that knowledge to the Czech Republic, which is not difficult to put into practice through well placed effort and insight of the local dynamics.

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