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Multi-Handicapped ManThe patients’ rights

Only a sufficiently informed patient, who received all necessary information regarding his/her health and rights, can be a partner to the doctors. We answer all legal inquiries understandably and due to the lectures we provide at universities, we also increase the legal awareness of the doctors. We advocate the freedom of choice in the health sector – we demand the medical personnel to respect the individual decisions especially in the area of vaccination or obstetrics.


How we do that

  • We advocate the strategic cases in both Czech and international courts.
  • We provide advice to the patients via our webpage The Fair Hospital.
  • We publish manuals for the public, expert analyses and systematical recommendations.
  • We educate via seminars and law clinics for the students, medical personnel and public.
  • We participate on draft bills review procedure regarding the bills concerning patients’ and women in labor rights.


The rights of people with a disability

We attempt to reach an effective and complete implementation of the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We are very critical especially towards the current system of the deprivation or limitation of legal capacity, institutionalization of individuals suffering from mental disabilities in social care institutions and psychiatric facilities, segregation of education, violation of the right to personal freedom and towards humiliating treatment in the facilities, where the individuals are deprived of personal freedom.

Our aim is to allow everyone without making any differences to lead dignified and quality life.

We cooperate with The Centre of advocacy of mentally disabled individuals.


How we do that

  • We advocate the individuals with disabilities in Czech and international courts in the landmark cases.
  • We cooperate on reforms with the main state authorities.
  • We participate on draft bills review procedure regarding the bills concerned with the persons with health disabilities.
  • We educate the representatives of state authorities, social workers and other individuals among the laymen public and professional community.
  • We publish expert analyses, manuals for the public, systematical recommendations and professionally specialized publications.

Politics and Policies of Integration in Austria, Hungary, Czechia, Denmark and at the EU Level

Overall goal of this publication is to reduce power of extremist political parties and movements through providing support to non-extremist/mainstream political parties.

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Influence of pharmaceutical companies, vaccination and advertising

This analysis made by the League of Human Rights has been carried out within the framework of the project “Human Rights and public awareness in health care and police: freedom of choice in health care and effective investigation of unlawful acts committed by police officers”, which has been supported by a grant given by the Open Society Fund, Prague. […]

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