We put the schools, which give all children a chance, on the map

17. September 2013

Along with the beginning of the school year, the Human Rights League activates a new web portal www.mapaferovychskol.cz, which supports the openness of the schools towards a conjoint education of all the children. The teachers and directors of the ordinary elementary schools can use this web to share their experiences regarding the education of the medically or socially disadvantaged students, who are lucky enough to attend school together with the other children from their surroundings.

The fact that the conjoint education of all children disregarding their physical condition, intellectual capacity or ethnical nature is possible is proven by the certificate of quality awarded by the League of Human Rights called „The Fair school“ obtained by 23 schools so far. „Due to our work, we are aware of the fact that suitable conditions for educating the disadvantaged pupils within the community of the ordinary classes are created mostly by enthusiasm and by the sensitive teachers together with the management of these schools. So far, there are 23 certified Fair schools. However, we hope there are much more ordinary schools educating at least one socially or medically disadvantaged pupil in the Czech Republic,“ said the pedagogue of The Human Rights League Katarína Krahulová. Therefore she encourages also the representatives of other schools, which are not afraid of disparity, to join the project.

The exchange of experience

In the Czech Republic, the systematical and economical support of schools, the attitude of which includes the openness towards all children, is missing in long-term. It is not easy for these schools since the resources are missing therefore they deserve a platform to present both big and small successes of their own, which they reach in spite of the current conditions. This was the particular reason to start the new web portal www.mapaferovychskol.cz, which at the same time serves as a possibility of mutual support and sharing, exchanging and passing the experience among the individual schools. The examples of a good practice can inspire the other teachers and help them overcome their initial fears and obstacles connected to the inclusion of the disadvantaged children into the education and life of the ordinary elementary schools.

The need of change

The Czech education system is not able to respond to the challenges brought by the current social situation full of changes and misunderstandings. As a result of that, the schools are systematically closed for the individuals belonging to various minority groups which disrupt the homogeneity in school communities, which do not really correspond to the real-life population structure. The possible solutions can be found in the change of education forms and methods with and emphasis to individual approach, which is based on the specific needs of every individual and attempts to develop his maximum potential. “We endeavor the support of the conjoint education of all children mainly for the benefits not only to the disabled of disadvantaged children, but also to their healthy classmates with good social background and in general to the whole society,” adds the coordinator of the project Marek Zemský.


Further information can be provided by

Marek Zemský, the coordinator of the project Fair schools map, mzemsky@llp.cz, tel. 777 621 227
Katarína Krahulová, pedagogue of the Human Rights League, kkrahulova@llp.cz, tel. 731 455 789