For 13 years we have been fighting for your rights, help us continue the fight

30. November 2015

Dear friends, It’s not easy to admit that the League is facing significant financial problems at the moment. Any non-profit organization can find itself in such a situation. The reason for our status quo is a lack of suitable grant opportunities and an unexpected loss of a major funding partner. There is also another reason which is that the […]

Right to freedom of choice concerning place for giving birth with the ECHR

19. October 2015

Our litigation against the Czech Republic concerning the right to freedom in choosing the place for giving births has reached its last stage. In December we are going to Strasbourg and our case will be heard before the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights. It will be a crucial battle of arguments and […]

Czech NGOs: Czech Republic uses European funding for violation of human rightsCzech NGOs: Czech Republic uses European funding for violation of human rights

27. April 2015

A platform of Czech NGOs has sent a critical letter to the European commission regarding the use of European structural funding. They are calling for greater international control of the process of transformation of social care services. The Czech government continues to use most of the funding to support large residential institutions rather than to set […]

Support Czech home birth case at ECHR

18. December 2014

The League of Human Rights has represented applicant Mrs. Dubská to enforce her right to free choice of circumstances and place of birth. However, the European Court of Human Rights found no violation of her rights and rights of the other applicant Mrs. Krejzová and departed from the Ternovszky judgement. We will make all effort […]

Czech homebirth cases might be considered by the Grand Chamber of ECHR

12. December 2014

This week, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected two applications of Czech mothers who were not allowed to give birth at home with assistance by midwives. The Court ruled that it was not in the position to evaluate legislation of individual states, as the practice is not unified within Europe. In its substantive […]

The European Court: The Czech Republic made a mistake when taking a baby from its mother, after she had left the hospital on the day of the birth

11. December 2014

The European Court for Human Rights has ruled, that the Czech Republic made a mistake when taking a healthy new-born away from his mother after she had left the hospital on the day of the birth. The State has forced them through a court decision to return back to the hospital. According to the Court it was a drastic […]

Statement on the Future of the European Court of Human Rights

4. April 2014

On the 7th and 8th of April, representatives of the academia, Council of Europe employees, government representatives and European NGOs come together to Oslo for a conference „The Long-Term Future of the European Court of Human Rights.” Taking this opportunity, Liga and other Eastern and Central European NGOs prepared a statement for the decision makers to express […]

The European Roma Rights Centre and League of Human Rights invite applications for a gender research fellowship

13. March 2014

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and the League of Human Rights invite applications for the position of the Gender Research Fellow. In 2014, the Gender Fellowship focuses on the particular issue of involuntary sterilisation of Romani women and women with disabilities in the Czech Republic. We are looking for researchers and activists with robust experience in conducting gender-specific, collaborative and […]

We follow the principles of freedom at work

29. January 2014

We start the year 2014 with a new organization structure which according to our point of view reflects our vision of free, equitable and committed society in a better way. The decision to leave the leading management of the organization made by the long term president of the League, David Zahumenský, was a new impulse for us to […]

We put the schools, which give all children a chance, on the map

17. September 2013

Along with the beginning of the school year, the Human Rights League activates a new web portal, which supports the openness of the schools towards a conjoint education of all the children. The teachers and directors of the ordinary elementary schools can use this web to share their experiences regarding the education of the medically or […]

European judges have a number of questions regarding the home births in the Czech Republic

10. September 2013

Today’s hearing regarding the complaints of two Czech women by the European court of Human Rights demonstrated the interest of the judges concerning the situation in the Czech Republic. According to the expectations, the hearing was not formal – the judges asked a number of additional questions, especially towards the government. The subject matter of the […]

The Czech Republic sentenced in Strasbourg for the first time for degrading treatment in the police station

30. July 2013

Last week, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg determined, that the Czech Republic has committed the inhuman and degrading treatment against Vladimír K. from Aš, who was unreasonably locked in the cell by the police officers, moreover, he was handcuffed painfully as well. The police inspection was, however, reluctant to interfere and has […]