For 13 years we have been fighting for your rights, help us continue the fight

30. November 2015

Dear friends,

It’s not easy to admit that the League is facing significant financial problems at the moment. Any non-profit organization can find itself in such a situation. The reason for our status quo is a lack of suitable grant opportunities and an unexpected loss of a major funding partner. There is also another reason which is that the League has always seen as a priority to provide services and help to clients continuously as opposed to ending them along with grants and projects. Now, this principle is threatened.

To make a long story short, despite adopting spending cuts including blanket reduction in salaries and full-time jobs we still need to raise 300 thousand crowns by the end of this year.

If we fail this goal, we finish this year with a loss. Subsequently, in the New Year, we will have to say goodbye to some colleagues and reduce services we do not have financial coverage for. However, we believe that with your help we will succeed to raise the amount needed and will not have to turn down our future clients.

Please support the League of Human Rights. Thank you.


CZE (Kč): 180068538/0300

EUR (€): 218266944 / 0300

IBAN: CZ12 0300 0000 0002 1826 6944


USD ($): 248599010 / 0300

IBAN: CZ89 0300 0000 0002 4859 9010