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For 13 years we have been fighting for your rights, help us continue the fight

30. November 2015

Dear friends, It’s not easy to admit that the League is facing significant financial problems at the moment. Any non-profit organization can find itself in such a situation. The reason for our status quo is a lack of suitable grant opportunities and an unexpected loss of a major funding partner. There is also another reason which is that the […]

The Czech Republic sentenced in Strasbourg for the first time for degrading treatment in the police station

30. July 2013

Last week, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg determined, that the Czech Republic has committed the inhuman and degrading treatment against Vladimír K. from Aš, who was unreasonably locked in the cell by the police officers, moreover, he was handcuffed painfully as well. The police inspection was, however, reluctant to interfere and has […]